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Page last updated on 17th December 2007
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Welcome to the 'Ramblings' mini site!

'Ramblings' is High Bickington and Atherington's own local monthly parish magazine enjoyed by local and not so local people, and now with the creation of this mini site the whole world can get a taste of life in our villages.

Although not a complete library, the following pages allow free access to back issues of the magazine and we are eternally grateful to the editorial staff for allowing us to publish this information on our site.

We have tried to keep things as they were originally printed and while some information may no longer be relevant or of little use there are still many items of interest to be found such as reports from local groups such as the WI's, Parish Council's and School, to interesting historical information and research contained in articles such as Richard Lethbridge's, 'From the Archives' research or Margaret Bolt's original 'When we came to Week' series, both now accomplished authors in their own right.

So, take a good look around and if you like what you see and don't want to miss out on the local news then why not take out a subscription to have the magazine delivered straight to your door, hot of the press, so to speak? Contact the Editor for more details.

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