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High Bickington Parish Appraisal 1992

Parishoners Survey Answers

(Actions taken up to January 2000 shown below each section)

The Background

In June 1992 a total of 226 Appraisal questionaires were distributed, one to every household in the Parish. In addition, households which included children under 11 years were offered a Children's questionaire for each child to complete.

These were collected during the following weeks. No fewer than 171 households -- a splendid 75 per cent! -- returned their questionaires and 25 children returned theirs.

The questionaires were then analysed and this summary is being circulated to every household in the Parish. Copies will also be sent to the Parish Council, Torridge District Council, Devon County Council and other interested parties.

A complete list of individual comments and the full statistics are available through the Parish Clerk.

We hope that having obtained the views of High Bickington parishoners on a wide range of local matters, this Appraisal will help bring about improvements and so enhance our everyday lives.


OUR grateful thanks to the many people who have helped with this appraisal, particularly to:-

Ken Burrows, Dot Gill, Mike Jay, Roger Lambourne, Janet and Mike Leatham, Stan Maskell, Glenda Tucker, Peter Tucker, David Venner, John and Jean Woodhams, Peter and Sharne Worrall.

Thanks also to Greg and Linda Cannon for allowing the collection box in their shop and to High Bickington Parish Council and the Community Council of Devon for their financial support.

Last and not least, thanks to everyone in the Parish who completed and returned their questionaires.

Contents: (Select a link to take you to that section)

1. First edition Ordanance Survey map of High Bickington (1888)

2. A history of High Bickington

3. People

4. Housing

5. Education, Training & Employment

6. Environment

8. Services

9. Transport & Highways

10. Religion

11. Amenities

12. Sports and Leisure

13. Local Government & General