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ASKED if their household attends worship regularly outside the Parish, 20 say they do. This is because two attend a Catholic church, while others go to a High church, a Christian Spiritualist church, Ebberly Chapel, The Good Shepherd or go with relatives and friends to churches outside the parish.

Asked if St Mary's church and the Methodist Chapel have enough joint worship, of the 104 people who expressed an opinion 76 say there is enough and 28 say there is not.

When asked for their opinions (some expressed more then one opinion), most people (181) think the Parish Church is for worship only while 141 regard it as a place for baptisms, weddings and funerals. 109 people regard the church as a venue for concerts and like events, while 46 regard it as an historic building.

Suggestions include more involvement of children, allowing them in the church without an adult, more lively services and the Vicar meeting all new residents. Among other comments are that the church is important, a focal point and somebody's "second special place".

Asked "if the Diocese decided to combine the Parish with six more under one rector.." 157 are against and 12 in favour.

Something along these lines has now happened. Both the old and new Rectory are now being used as private homes, the Vicar lives elsewhere.

The church from the top of the High Street