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Page last updated on 17th March 2001
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Best Kept Village Competition 1999

For many years now High Bickington has entered the CPRE 'Best Kept Village Competition'. Unlike Atherington, High Bickington has not been lucky enough to win the competition although marks for the village are always high.

One reason for High Bickington's lack of success is probably due to the quite high level of development the village has experienced over the past few years, something Atherington has not had to contend with. With these developments now coming to an end for the time being, the village may be able to concentrate on making the small improvements as recommended by previous judges for the competition, and may well be future winners?

As a point of reference to identify works required in order to stand a chance of winning the competition, it is worth looking back at the comments made during previous judging. Comments made in 1999 were as follows:

In 1999 High Bickington scored 82 marks out of 100. (Atheringtons score was 86).

The judges commented that the village had the feel of a "real Devon Village" with little litter and good maintenance. Positive comments were made about the village/church hall and churchyard. Some individual properties were felt to be a little untidy and weeds in gutters and path edges were especially commented upon.

The judges felt unable to comment properly on the Barton Meadow estate as building work was obviously still under way.

Adverse comments were made on the judge's difficulty in getting through the gates to the playing field.

The judges liked the lack of use of chemical weedkillers but did not like weeds. They would prefer everyone to get out their hoes and remove weeds manually.

Atherington win for 2nd time in 2000
Atherington win for 2nd time in 2000, (North Devon Journal article).