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Chat/message board!

Welcome to the High Bickington Chat Room/Message board!

If you would like to share your views about any subject regarding High Bickington or are searching for missing links in your family tree, this is the place to start.
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Project 2000

Devon County Council have given the village an opportunity to take over the ownership of Little Bickington Farm now that the present tenancy is at an end.
The County Council are giving the village the opportunity to use the farm and land for the good of the village instead of simply selling it off as development land.
Various possibilities present themselves as a result of this. For example, the village could choose to simply offer a new tenancy to ensure the continuation of Little Bickington as a farm. There are environmental benefits in this as the farm has not been over intensively managed and supports a variety of species such as Skylarks, hares, bats and Barn Owls, that are becomming increasingly scarce on more intensively managed farms. (Of course, such factors as bats and Barn Owls would need to be accounted for should the farm buildings ever be developed).
Other possibilities include using part of the land to build the long awaited new village hall, there-by getting over the problems presently faced by dealing with the developers on the Barton Meadows site.
Other possibilities include a possible future site for a new village school, extensions to the playing field, the creation of new public rights of way over land previously denied of access, (including a new safe route to the Playing Field), a community farm or even 'so-called' low cost housing for first time buyers.

What do you think the village should do?
The Village

What are your views of the village in general?
Does the Parish Council do a good job?
Has recent development benefitted the village or simply added to its problems?
Is dog fouling a problem?
Is vandalism a problem?
Is parking of cars a problem?
Whatever you think, feel free to use this site to get things off your chest, you don't have to use your real name, alias's are accepted!

Family Ties!

If you are researching your family tree and are looking for some particular information, leave a message and hopefully we will be able to fill in your empty spaces.

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