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A map showing the footpath locations

Welcome to this short guide to the Public Rights of Way in High Bickington;

At a time when increased traffic, even on our minor country lanes, causes walkers to feel concern about their safety, it makes use of our 'Public Rights of Way' even more beneficial to everyone wishing to enjoy some peaceful relaxation in the countryside.

Although High Bickington presently only has the benefit of three public paths contained within a relatively small area of the Parish, they are never the less, well worth exploring.

Footpath No.2

To access this footpath, follow the unclassified road out of the village towards 'Nethergrove' and 'Little Silver'. About a quarter of a mile from the village is a barn on the right. The footpath enters here through the field gate. Pass the barn and continue to follow the field hedge to your right until you reach the gate at the bottom of the field. Pass through the gate and cross the top of the next field to the gate on your left. Pass through this gate and cross the field diagonally from corner to corner to reach the next field gate. Pass through this gate and head almost directly across the next field towards the large beech tree on the opposite hedge. There are double stiles by the Beech tree, (one with a dog gate and one without), climb the two stiles to enter the final field. Cross the last field, keeping the hedge on your right, and exit the footpath by the field gate opposite 'Old Park' house. To return to the village either turn left and follow the road to 'Whitebridge House', where you will join the B3217 heading back to the village, (Walk this busy road with care).

Footpath No.3

To access this footpath, follow the 'Nethergrove/Little Silver' road out of the village. About half a mile from the village, the footpath starts opposite 'Nethergrove Farm'. Turn right off the road into the entrance to 'Beechwood House', next to 'Beechwood Lodge', and follow the lane up and to your right. The lane bears left and leads to an old barn and stables on your right. Enter the field through the gate by the old stables and follow the hedge on your left until you reach the second gate leading to the next field. (The first small gate leads into the orchard of 'Beechwood House'). Cross this field diagonally from corner to corner. On reaching the top corner there is a stile leading into a small recently created woodland. After climbing this stile, follow the path to your left until you reach the hedge at the far end where the path then bears right. Follow the path down to the next stile, which leads to a small field. Cross this field towards the bungalow opposite and through the small access gate, down the steps into the front yard of the bungalow and out of the gate. This then connects with Public Bridleway No.4, (see below). To return to the village you can turn left and follow Bridleway No.4 or turn right which will lead back to the B3217 as described above, or you could choose to connect with and follow footpath No.2 back to the village.

Bridleway No.4

Crossing either footpath number 2 or 3 can access bridleway number 4, which runs from 'Old Park' house to the 'Snape Farm' access lane. The bridleway can also be accessed by following the 'Nethergrove/Little Silver' road for about 1 mile until you reach the access lane to 'Snape Farm' on your right. Follow the 'Snape Farm' lane until you reach the first gate on your right. Enter the field and follow the hedge to your right up to the next gate. Pass through this gate and continue along the hedge to your right to the next gate which leads onto the lane running between footpaths 2 and 3, 'Old Park' and 'Truners'. To return to the village either take one of the footpaths (if on foot), or follow the road to 'Whitebridge House' and the B3217.

Reporting Problems

Should you encounter a problem while using a 'Public Right of Way', such as an obstruction or broken stile, this should be reported to;

Area Ranger
Northern Devon Coast and Countryside Service
Bideford Station
Railway Terrace

Tel: 01237-423655

Fax: 01237-423613

E-mail: TFreeman@Devon-CC.Gov.UK

Alternatively you may choose to report the problem to the Parish Council;

Contact the Parish Clerk

Any other problems, such as dogs worrying stock, theft or vandalism, should be reported to the Police.

If you care about a certein footpath you may wish to become more involved by becomming a member of the 'Adopt-a-Path' scheme run by the County Council. For more information on this contact the address above.