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Graves at Ebberley Methodist Chapel in High Bickington

Listed below are the gravestones from Ebberley Methodist Chapel


Name Date of deathAge at death Additional Information
Ronald Keith Adams 4/1/199863 
Ivy Fox 29/2/200091 
Geoffrey Alderman 29/8/200166 
Frederick Charles Ware 8/12/200188 
Gertrude Morrish 19/1/193936Of Dodscott Wood St Giles
Wife of Wilfred George
Richard Morrish 16/2/192654Of Sherwood Farm, Yarnscombe
Louisa Morrish 28/3/194267Wife of Richard Morrish above.
John Daniel Stanbury 27/12/194882 
Mary Elizabeth Stanbury 14/10/196290Wife of John Daniel Stanbury above.
Harold William Stanbury 15/5/192924Son of John D & Mary E Stanbury above.
Annetta May Stevens 13/5/196556 
Elizabeth Ann Knapman 12/11/194678Of Way Barton, St Giles
Samuel Knapman 25/2/196190Husband of Elizabeth Ann Knapman above.
Aubrey Stuart Knapman 7/9/192832Son of Elizabeth Ann & Samuel Knapman above.
Thomas Henry Davey 1904 - 198480 
William John Davis 19/1/194124Son of Emma Davis of Bromley, Kent
Margaret Helen Harris 20/1/195051Of Parkins
Edwin Harris 26/10/197665Husband of Margaret Helen Harris above.
Elsie Constance Thomas 28/6/199490 
Ronald Adams 8/1/195453Of Ward, St Giles
Jane Cole 20/12/193154Wife of John W Cole of Beara.
Laura Ellen Harris 14/8/198574Of Beara, St Giles.
Reginald Charles Harris 14/8/200088Husband of Laura Ellen Harris above.
William Allin 6/9/193120Son of Francis and Mary Allin.
Mary Allin 23/2/194058Of Dodscott, St Giles.
Francis Fishleigh Allin 13/3/194364Husband of Mary Allin above.
Elizabeth Jane Andrew 3/3/194064Of Dodscott.
William Henry Morrish 24/3/194549Of Sherwood, St Giles.
Emily Morrish 21/12/197878Wife of William Henry Morrish above.
Sarah Ann Stevens 19/1/196083 
Charles Henry Stevens 22/10/196687Husband of Sarah Ann Stevens above.
Muriel Joyce Fox Born - 30/8/1931
Died - 1/11/1931
2 MonthsInfant daughter of Arthur and Ivy Fox.
Ida Allin 11/4/194743Wife of Francis T Allin.
Margaret Julia Sanders 26/8/192564Of Southport - died at Cliston
First Interment in this graveyard.
Muriel May Bishop 1893 - 198390 
Matilda Allin 5/8/193973 
Thomas Allin 27/10/194579Husband of Matilda Allin above.
Late of Cliston.
Frederick James Squire 18/4/199073 
Mary Elizabeth Squire 19/10/199781Wife of Frederick James Squire above.
Lillie Ann Squire 23/9/192959 
Henry Squire 7/8/193970Husband of Lillie Ann Squire above.
Ida Mary Alderman 29/5/197971 
William John Alderman 16/2/199081Husband of Ida Mary Alderman above.
Albert Thomas Guard 1/4/199474Husband of Ivy Guard.
Francis George Rowland 30/1/199184 
Gwendoline Louise Rowland 19/5/199774Wife of Francis George Rowland above.
Thomas Quance 17/3/198971Husband of May Quance.
Charlotte Quance 28/11/195474 
Richard Quance 21/7/196180Husband of Charlotte Quance above.
Rhoda Harle 2/10/194285 
Elizabeth Tanton 17/1/65Sister of Rhoda Harle above.
John Squire 20/11/194054 
Lily Squire 6/5/1989103Wife of John Squire above.
Eliza Maria Baker 9/9/194256 
Alfred Baker 21/8/196782Husband of Eliza Maria Baker above.
Hannah Squire 2/1/194169 
James Tanton 20/1/194077 
Harriet Tanton 7/11/193979Wife of James Tanton above.
Matilda Sanders 20/8/192966 
William Penberthy Sanders 28/11/193875Husband of Matilda Sanders above.
Ester Mary Nethaway 25/12/194858 
Henry Ezekiel Nethaway 18/10/195767Husband of Ester Nary Nethaway above.
Frank Goldsworthy 6/2/194085Of Bristol.
Mary Elizabeth Goldsworthy 24/9/193978Wife of Frank Goldsworthy above.
Richard Thomas Boundy 26/10/199389 
Gwendoline Boundy 15/10/199592Wife of Richard Thomas Boundy above.
Ethel Emily Clarke 26/1/196072 
Anthony Clarke 22/10/198494Husband of Ethel Emily Clarke above.
Thomas Denford 11/4/193585Of South Heale Farm, High Bickington.
Elizabeth Jane Denford 10/1/192881Wife of Thomas Denford above.
Mary Ann Lemon 25/4/192978 
Thomas Lemon 6/5/193179Husband of Mary Ann Lemon above.
Sarah Ann Banford 15/10/194570 
Elsie Banford 1913 - 198976