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Welcome to High Bickington!

Welcome to the High Bickington Internet site!

Please select a link opposite to find out more about the history and people of this small rural North Devon village, or see the boxes below.

If you are looking for anything in particular please try out our search facility.

If you have any comments about this site or if you live in the village and want to talk about what is happening in the village then why not try our new Chat/message board section, or if you want to keep up with what is presently happening in the village try our News pages.


The ancient Egyptians believed that the greatest injustice they could afford a preson after their death was to forget them which is one of the reasons the names of their greatest leaders are written all over the monuments, pyramids etc. erected in their honour and to a certain degree this continues today from official records which are safely stored away for eternity to gravestones marking final resting places, in all these ways we can remember those who passed before us and in doing so we honour their memories and to an extent they remain alive in our hearts and minds at least.

Years ago people tended not ot move far from their birthplace and family ties were strong as were memories of past relatives and friends, but in our modern world families are often spread the world over and family ties become lost. This probably has much to do with the recent interest in researching family tree's, seen as a way of recapturing a persons sense of belonging, going back to our roots so to speak. With the advances in modern technology, and especially the Internet it has become so much easier to cement those old family ties and bring people seperated by distance and time back together, and this is where this Website and others like it come in. Although our site deals with the relatively small village of High Bickington it is easy to see that a great many families have come and gone from the village over time and many of their decendants have visited the site to try and recapture that sense of belonging which so often becomes lost in our modern world.

For those who have only just found the site and for returning visitors we'd firstly like to welcome you and to give you an idea of what you may find on the site here's a brief outline:

For those researching their family tree and looking for that often small piece of evidence that their family was once resident in the village, these people may find the 'People' section of most interest. The section contains registers of births, deaths etc. and additional material is being added on a regular basis. The 'Village' section gives details of the history of the village as well as more recent information, this is also true of the 'Church/Religion' and 'School' sections. All these sections help the visitor to establish an idea of what the village might have been like when their families were resident in the past and for those who were once resident themselves, may help to give an idea of how the village has changed over the years.

The site contains much information both in text form and also a great many photographs and we hope you will enjoy your visit and come again soon.

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