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Miss Marion Troon Stear

Born 15th April 1901 at Aveton Gifford -
10th October 1990 - High Bickington

Local Midwife (Certificate No.70258)

Nurse Marion Troon Stear Known locally simply as 'Nurse' or 'Nurse Stear' to those who remember her. She had a charismatic personality moulded by the principals of her generation that are becoming so rare in modern society.

She was always an active member of the local womens institute and a keen supporter of the National Trust. She was actively involved with the church and with most village events, jumble sales etc.

In her younger days, she was a keen motorcyclist, telling stories of the times she visited the Isle of Man TT races, travelling there on her motorcycle, the same transport she used as a midwife. It must have been quite a sight for a pregnant woman in labour to see the midwife roar up on her Triumph. (See Below) 

The picture here, although not a very good one, shows Nurse walking through her garden carrying a bunch of one of her favourite flowers, michaelmas daisies. she was always a keen gardener and especially liked her flowers.

Nurse passed away in 1990, and with her the village lost another of its long time residents who could tell us so much about how village life used to be before the motorcar, television and computers reduced our ability to socialise as a community rather than individuals, as tends to happen more and more in todays modern society.

As part of her duties Nurse kept a register of births which still survives. the register does not identify the baby but gives the mothers name and address, time and date of birth and the babies sex. the registers include 498 entries spanning from 31st October 1926 to June 1960.

Unfortunately we are no longer able to publish the registers on the site due to concerns about data protection raised via the Local Police.

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