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The High Bickington Play Area Development Group

Founded in the mid 1990's this group of mainly parents within the village was created with the sole purpose of creating a safe play area for the children of the village.

Having entered into a partnership agreement with the High Bickington Playing Field Association which gave them the free use of a section of the playing field to create a play area, the group set about planning and fund-raising for the equipment and site works required.

Local children were consulted to find out what type of equipment they wanted to see on the play area. High on the list were swings, slides and climbing equipment. To cater for the widest age group, it was decided to fit a range of equipment to suit all ages.

Following succesful fund raising and with the help of some substantial grant aid, especially from the 'Foundation for the Sports and Arts', the area was officially opened in June 1997.

The Play Area is sited on the lower corner of the playing field which is well sheltered, south facing and protected on three sides by hedgrows, making an ideal picnic site on any warm day. The area is fenced off from the rest of the field and dogs are not allowed in the play area.

Many of those who played a part in the creation of this play area are now involved with the new Play Area Group, presently raising funds to create a second play area within the village on the public open space provided as part of the new development on the Barton Meadow estate.

Should you experience any problems while using the play area, please contact the Hon. Secretary of the High Bickington Playing Field Association.. ..