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The Rector's of St Mary's High Bickington


The Rectors of St Mary's are remembered on two plaques in the church which read as follows:

1202 -Master Serlo.1277 - Gilbert de Roffa.
1283 -Geoffrey de Roffa.1308 - Robert de Wyllyngtone.
1314 -Sir William Kemperleghe.1315 - Sir Robert Wyllyngtone.
1319 -Master Geoffrey de Lucy.1347 - Richard Fuitz-Waryn de Brethleghe.
1350 -Master Roger Boggaworth.1361 - Sir Thomas Lynwode.
1395 -Sir William Credy.1406 - Roger Wodehele.
1407 -Sir John Clerk de Codeford.
Sir John Comptone.
1454 -Sir William Hillinge.
1475 -Sir John Strete.1477 - Sir John Clyffe.
1487 -Sir Richard Brite.1514 - Sir John Arscott.
1526 -Sir John Allyar.1537 - William Thomas
1560 -George Carene.1562 - Sir John Clarys.
1587 -Simon Hert, A.B.1597 - John Jones.
1619 -Benedict Browinge, A.M.1622 - Laurence Burnell, S.T.B.
1679 -Joshua Tucker, A.M.
Thomas Worth, A.M.
1710 -Thomas Worth, A.M.
1737 -Thomas Morrison, M.A.1742 - Joshua Worth, M.A.
1788 -William Moggeridge Stawell, M.A.1808 - William Palmer Stawell.
1850 -Septimus Palmer, M.A.1869 - Alfred Langdon, B.A.
1882 -Richard Yerburgh, B.A.1887 - Edmond Rochfort Yerburgh, B.A.
1897 -Cecil Vaughan Wansbrough, M.A.1937 - Gerald Arthur Balfour Jones, B.A.
1945 -Arthur Jasper Plummer, M.A.1974 - Henry Frederick Bines, Priest in Charge
1979 -Christopher Barratt1984 - Vincent Gillett, MSc. F.Coll.P.
1995 -Hugh Pollock1999 - John Carvosso
2008 -Two Rivers Team   


The list above was originally compiled from the episcopal registers by Rev. Prebendary F. C. Hingeston-Randolph, commissioned by the Rev. E. R. Yerburgh in 1892. Click Here to download a free copy of this work.